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Our Net Zero Commitment and Carbon Reduction Plan

Signalise is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2030 for emissions scopes 1, 2 and 3 (see below for a Scope Narrative).

The commitment was made on 27/03/2024 by the board of directors.

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We were established in late 2019 and have been fully remote since starting. We are a micro SME without fixed offices and minimal international travel. Therefore, we are already working at a low emission rate. This brings environmental benefits, which we have been keen to maintain since starting the business. Staff in-person meetings are occasional, and travel is encouraged to be as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Our greatest source of emissions is freelance interpreters’ travel to and from assignments.

Carbon reduction:

  • Maintain virtual client and other meetings where possible.
  • Continue staff working from home to maintain low energy usage and stop the environmental impact of commuting.

In 2024, we plan to:

  • Improve data and reporting to improve the accuracy of carbon accounting.
  • Review levels of service delivery for remote and in-person appointments.
  • Review sector-specific science-based greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets.
  • Produce a complete carbon reduction plan.
  • We are looking at 2023 as being the baseline year for further calculations and a plan to produce a complete Carbon Reduction Plan in 2024.


Scope Narrative

The following section describes each activity using the GHG protocols. Activities highlighted in bold are considered within the scope of our footprint calculations.

Scope 1

  • Fuels – We have no sites that burn fuel.
  • Bioenergy – We have no sites which burn biofuels.
  • Refrigerant & other – We have no sites with this type of equipment.
  • Passenger vehicles – We have no vehicles for this purpose. Freelance interpreters will use these vehicles to get to and from appointments.
  • Delivery vehicles – We have no delivery vehicles.
  • SECR kWh pass & delivery vehicles – We do not own assets for either purpose.

Scope 2

  • UK electricity – We do not own or control any sites using UK electricity.
  • Overseas electricity – We do not own or control any sites that use overseas electricity.
  • UK electricity for EVs – We do not own or operate any EVs.
  • SECR kWh UK electricity for EVs – We do not own or operate any EVs.
  • Heat and steam – We do not own or control any sites generating Heat or Steam.

Scope 3

  • Transmission and distribution – We have no sites with T&D grid loss.
  • UK electricity T&D for EVs – We do not own or operate any EVs.
  • Water supply – We have no sites using water resources.
  • Water treatment – We have no sites carrying out water treatment.
  • Material use – We have no sites using materials within this scope.
  • Waste disposal – We have no sites generating waste material.
  • Business travel - air – We do have individuals occasionally travelling by air for work purposes.
  • Business travel - sea – We have no business travel by sea.
  • Business travel - land – We do have individuals travelling by land for work purposes.
  • Freighting goods – We have no freighting goods within our operations.
  • Hotel Stay – We do have individuals staying in hotels for work purposes.
  • Managed assets - electricity – We do have managed Cloud assets that consume electricity and other resources.
  • Managed assets - computer equipment - We do have computer equipment for staff.
  • Managed assets - vehicles – We have no managed vehicles.
  • Homeworking – We do have individuals working from home.