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The community for communication professionals and Deaf people.

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  • What we do

    We work with many customers from NHS and councils, charities and social enterprises, corporate organisations, smaller voluntary organisations and unions.

    We currently offer a managed service where we can advise you and take care of your needs from start to finish. You can sign up and make a booking. Even if you do not see interpreters in your region, we can still cover this.

    We work with our customers and users to develop our community-owned technology solutions that benefit all our user groups.

    1. In person interpreting

    We supply interpreters all over the UK who are registered, very experienced and of the highest standards.

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    2. Remote interpreting

    Need an interpreter for your remote or hybrid event? We can supply you and make sure your events are accessible.

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    3. Video interpreting services

    We can help make your organisation accessible by allowing Deaf people to contact you using our skilled video service interpreters. Deaf people can click your organsation in our Video Interpreting Directory and be connected to an interpreter who interprets the call to you. Contact us for more information.

    For Deaf users, you can buy an Access to Work contract or call NHS services with a Signalise contract.

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  • Why us

    Signalise is a co-operative business owned and operated by the experts in sign language services: communication professionals and Deaf people. This includes British Sign Language (BSL) / English interpreters, Deafblind interpreters, Lipspeakers, Translators, Notetakers and Speech-to-Text Reporters.

    Benefits of using our services
    • Cost effective - we take a small admin fee so professionals get paid sustainable fees. This helps the local economy.
    • Safe - we only use Registered Communication Professionals and profits are put back into the business which helps professional Worker Members and Deaf User members.
    • Better social value via our ethical business model.
  • Deaf Users

    Our service is unique. Deaf users can be left out of the booking process when interpreters are booked by other people.

    For the first time we put the Deaf user first by:
    • Using their preferred interpreters where possible.
    • Texting a confirmation of the appointment with the name of the interpreter and the interpreter’s website profile.
    • Allowing the Deaf user to see what appointments are booked for them.
    • Answering queries about bookings.
    • Deaf users can use our Video Service Directory and call the NHS for our contracts where this is set up.

    Find out more about our service and how to use our Video Directory