If you need to book the services of a communication professional:

I need a BSL/English interpreter or other communication professional – how do I make a booking?

Booking is easy:

Click the Create a Booking link. This can also be found on the top menu bar.

Enter the details of the booking with your invoice details and accept the terms of service.

Once approved the booking will go live and professionals will respond and make you offers.

You can accept the offer you like and wait for the professional to confirm.

You can also browse professionals from the home page or enter your location in our search bar, then:

Use our filters to narrow your search.

Choose a professional and contact them with details of your booking.

Send the booking request and wait for the communication professional to accept or decline your request.

What are Signalise’s terms of service for bookings?
How do I pay for a communication professional?
I have contacted a communication professional about a booking but they have not replied.
No communication professionals have responded on the Signalise platform. What should I do?
Who should I contact if the communication professional does not arrive at the booking time?
I want to add more details about the booking I have made, where should I do that?
I want to change the date, time or details of my booking, how can I amend it?
I want to send the communication professional some more information about the booking.
I need to cancel a booking, how do I do that?

If you are a communication professional:

I’ve completed my professional profile (listing) and submitted it but it’s not showing on the platform.
Can I register on the platform?
Will my address be public?
I’ve received a booking request but haven’t received any details about the client or location. What should I do?
I need to cancel a booking, how do I do that?

Other questions:

Who do I contact about finance matters?
Where can I find out more about membership?

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