Abdelkarim El-Madani

Abdelkarim El-Madani

NRCPD registered interpreter

About me

Being involved in the deaf community is something very close to my heart and learning BSL to help communicate to the deaf is always what I have wanted to achieve. I have always had passion for BSL and this fascinating language will always be a part of my personal and working life. I have spent much of my time being involved in the deaf community​,​ such as being a volunteer as a Youth worker at Manchester deaf centre​,​ supporting the development of deaf football like for Manchester United and Everton deaf team and volunteering as a communicator for the deaf in many services . This has given me the opportunity to develop a leadership role​,​ communication and team working skills. Many of the children I worked with at the deaf centre suffered from genetic diseases such as profound deafness and down Syndrome. This had a profound effect on me as it allowed me to witness and understand the effect genetic diseases have on people first hand. I found the experience incredibly rewarding and educational. I provide British Sign Language (BSL) interpretation within the UK Deaf community. I provide translation support at a wide variety of sectors. Including services provided within the Digital world of currency​,​ education​,​ medical​,​ social and sporting events.

Domains I work in

  • Access to Work
  • Art & Culture
  • Child Protection & Social Services
  • Computing & Technology
  • Conferences
  • Corporate & Finance
  • Deaf Community Events
  • Higher Education
  • Medical
  • Mental Health
  • Police & Legal
  • Video Relay Services/Interpreting

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